The Project

EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities

The key objective of the Joint Programme is to develop new scientific methods and tools to support European cities in their transformation into smart cities.

  • Sub-Programme 1 Energy in Cities: this sub-programme follows a unique integrated approach to merge urban and energy planning. The sub-programme will provide best practice examples of smart city visions for others to emulate;
  • Sub-Programme 2 Urban Energy Networks: this sub-programme aims to optimise the interconnected networks by intelligent planning, design and operation, integrating all accessible sources of renewable energy and providing flexible balancing potentials;
  • Sub-Programme 3 Energy-efficient Interactive Buildings: this sub-programme will develop and validate innovative, competitive holistic concepts, tools and demonstration cases for a new generation of buildings in the urban context. The main aim is to further increase their energy efficiency, enable coordinated exchange of energy with thermal and electrical grids while providing a comfortable healthy indoor environment to their users;
  • Sub-Programme 4 Urban City-related Supply Technologies: this sub-programme aims to develop a methodology capable of dealing with complex integration of thermal and electrical energy technologies, and enabling the design and evaluation of renewable technologies integrated at district or city level.
  • Taskforce on Simulation Platform Development: Its key task is to evaluate the state-of-the-art in the modelling and simulation of urban energy systems, to identify gaps in simulation capabilities based on user requirements and to provide an overview of the data available and required for future simulation tools.

(Source: EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities.)

My role

Within the EERA Joint Programme on Smart Cities, I have an active role in the Sub-Programme 1 – Energy in Cities and in the Taskforce on Simulation Platform Development for the NTNU Smart Energy-Efficient Cities group. In both of the tasks I am collaborating with experts in urban planning, modeling and simulation in order to develop sustainable and efficient design strategies for the future developments of the cities.