The Project

CoSSMic (Collaborating Smart Solar-powered Microgrids)

CoSSMic aims at enabling higher rates for self-consumption (>50%) of decentralized renewable energy production by coordinating the energy production, consumption, and use of storage units of the buildings in a neighborhoods. Therefore, the project will develop an innovative autonomic ICT based system, controlling the energy usage, production, and storage, and facilitating both peer-to-peer collaboration between micro-grids in a neighborhoods, and collaboration with the public power grid. The system will optimize the exploitation of the energy sources and sinks in the neighborhoods within constraints set by the house owners, to smooth out the variation in load towards the grid, and hence reduce the need for fossil fuel based backup power, and also reduce the electricity bill.

(Source: CoSSMic.)

My role

Within the CoSSMic Euopean project I am responsible for the “Technologies for Smart Living” (WP3) and for developing the “Shadow Prediction Model” (WP4) in urban areas.